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Sunset spot, Hawai'i. (Photo: @ceciliejegsen)

Introducing The Touch: Spaces Designed for the Senses. Created in collaboration with @normarchitects and published by @gestalten, The Touch features 25 interiors from around the world that enrich the human senses. Join us to celebrate from 17:00 on Sept 12th at The Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen with an exhibition, signed copies and light refreshments. The Touch is available for pre-order now via and in stores worldwide from October 10th. (Photo: @staffansundstrom)

"Today, Brazil is facing the threat of environmental degradation like never before. Is there an artist who will step up now to wield the language of political activism while also introducing a fresh form of design?" In Issue Thirty-Three, we celebrate the pioneering career of Roberto Burle Marx—the São Paulo-born landscape architect who unlocked the artistic power of the Amazon, and fought with all his might to preserve it.

Sneak peak: In a preview from The Touch, the new book from Kinfolk and @normarchitects published by @gestalten, designer Vincenzo de Cotiis makes the case for not meddling with raw beauty: His 18th-century Milanese home is an homage to his fascination with ageing objects. View the full preview on (Photo: @christianmandersen)

From the archives: Primal pleasures and earthy flavours in Issue Twenty-Five. (Photo: @marsyhild)

Introducing Issue Thirty-Three! Soul, sex and social activism: This fall, Kinfolk’s Education Issue rejects the definition of a good education as one that ends with good grades and considers a new curriculum for life-long learning. Plus: Interviews with Waris Ahluwalia, Michaël Borremans and Desiree Akhavan, a still life shoot styled as a puzzle book and an exploration of online scams. Available to order at (Cover: @romainlaprade, Photo: @staffansundstrom)

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